Defining a visual language and digital output for an iconic, design led furniture company


A vital and urgent part of my role was to complete a comprehensive design audit, in order to progress from the companies inherited bad practices and translate complex, technical and non user friendly content into an accessible and responsive framework. The output was a scalable design system, bridging design, technology and the wider business with a common language.

620 Chair configurator
620 chair configurator
Vitsoe's new homepage
Vitose's homepage
Vitsoe's homepage for small
Vitsoe's homemepage on small devices
Buy 621 Table online
Buy online and direct to the user
Good Design
Dieter Rams: ten principles for food design
Vitsoe's digital styleguide
Defining Vitsoe's design system and principles in HTML
Vitsoe's 12 cloumn grid
Toggle the grid to improve QA between design and tech
Vitsoe's modules
Every pattern and component was captured in the design system
Vitsoe's modules on all devices
A design system viewable on all devices

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